Frequently Asked Questions

About LS1

  • What can I do with this new technology?

    It is much recommended you use LS1 headphones for outdoor sports (such as running, cycling, walking, hiking, etc). 

    Besides, they are suitable for situations where you usually make calls or can listen to music at work.

  • What devices can I use with them?

    LS1 bone conduction headphones feature the Bluetooth 5.2 Wireless Technology, 

    which support pair with almost all Bluetooth devices, such as phones, laptops.

  • How to pair LS1 headphones?

    1. Press and hold the '+' for about 5s until hearing the "Pairing" tone.
    2. Turn on Bluetooth, connect "Klatre LS1" to phone or PC

  • What's in the package?

    LS1 Bone Conduction Headphones x1, Magnetic Charging Cable x2, Earbuds x1, Protective Bag x1, Multilanguage User Manual x1

  • How to tune the volume if still feel a low volume in 100?

    1. iOS: Settings -- Sounds & Haptics -- Headphone Safety -- Turn off "Reduce Loud Sounds"
    2. Android: Settings -- Bluetooth -- Turn on "Sync volume with phone" (Some may be in other locations)
    3. Use them with earbuds in a safe environment for better sound.

  • How is the BoostBass sound quality?

    LS1 adopts the independently developed technology BoostBass to enhance the bass part, making the all-range sound more superb than most bone-conduction headphones, reducing the shortage of traditional bone-conducting technology.

  • Can I wear these headphones while cycling?

    You can wear LS1 while using a helmet that partially covers your head. However, if you use a 

    helmet covers your ears and the back of your head, you may not be able to use headphones.

About orders

  • Where can I buy LS1?

    You can buy on our website and we offer free shipping(standard) on most countries in the world. You can also buy on Amazon if you live in USA, UK, EU and Canada.

  • How long is the delivery time?

    We offer standard and expedited shipping for all areas. The shipping time varies from 1 - 45 days depending on the address. In UK, US and EU countries, delivery time is around 1-5 days.

  • How to get free shipping?

    In most countries, free shipping is offered on orders over $80. In some countries with less developed logistics, the order amount needs to exceed $140 or even $160 to provide free shipping.