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Klatre LS1 Bone Conduction Headphones gets my best review

This is my personal opinion and not a sponsored review: I’ve been using my Klatre LS1 Bone Conduction Headphones regularly for two weeks. I wanted to wait rather than writing an emotional review with a new product to see if my initial enthusiasm continued. It has! The Klatre LS1 Bone Conduction Headphones are, far and above, the best bluetooth headphones I have used to date. Previously, I’ve used three pairs of bluetooth headphones, two bluetooth ear buds and the sound has not been clear, more muffled.

Klatre LS1 Bone Conduction Headphones is such a marvelous innovation. They are comfortable to wear, even with my glasses; they charge up in an hour; pair amazingly easy and fast; the clarity in the bass and high ranges is superb. There is not a single thing I have an issue with, and for someone who works in IT, that’s hard to accomplish. The Klatre LS1 Bone Conduction Headphones gets my best review.

Brian Cavanaugh

November 14, 2022

A little small for me, 6'2" male

I have had three different brands of bone induction headphones before these. This pair has by far the best sound quality of them all. I have to commend the amount of bass they have. If you do anything like running outdoors, hiking, or really anything where it's nice to hear the outside world while listening to your music these are going to work great. I am a large guy and found these to be a little tight, not to say they would be unable, but I found that the tension gave me a headache. I can't speak to the battery life because the size issue made them difficult to use. Pairing the device work great. Extra bonus, they send a second charging cable. Meaning you can keep cable at home and somewhere else. The charging cable is also a magnetic connection meaning you don’t have to puts with a cable or get gunk in a charging port. All in all a high-quality product.


November 12, 2022

Good Sounding Headphones with Long Battery Life

In the interest of full disclosure: I am completely deaf in my left ear. Prior to suddenly losing my hearing in just one ear, I had experience being a house sound engineer at a university campus and in churches. I love good sounding electronics even though I can no longer hear in stereo.

What intrigued me most about this headphone set was the possibility of something that would allow me to hear music or books or videos and still leave my ear open so that I can hear what is happening in the room. When I could hear with both ears, I was able to merely leave an ear uncovered but with only one functioning ear that option isn't possible. Would these headphones make this possible?

1. They sound good to me, and still let me hear what is happening in the room!
2. The size of the headphones fit me well. (I think it would for most people.)
3. The box containing the headphones has TWO charging cables, a nice storage bag, and earplugs.
4. The battery life seems to be fantastic. (I charged these headphones once and used them for several hours a day for several days - only charging them again because I was sure they must be running out!)
5. It was very easy to connect the headphones to my Samsung Galaxy 20+ almost instantly.
6. Call quality is good.

Why I might not recommend:
1. These work in part on vibrations, so you can occasionally feel the vibrations on your ear and face. This was minor and perhaps just a part of getting used to something new.

Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase these again either for myself or as a gift for others. They work as intended and they appear to be high quality. I take mine with me and use them often.

C in AZ

November 14, 2022

Great Option When you Want Quality Sound but Also Want to Hear What's Going On Around You

So far I am really enjoying these headphones. They fit snugly on my head and are super comfortable (sometimes I forget that I have them on). The sound quality isn't as good as what I get from my Beats but they produce more than adequate sound and are very impressive for something that you don't put directly in or on your ears. So far the battery life has lasted as long as I've needed them to (3+ hours) and they pair with minimal effort. They were also packaged very professionally in an elegant box with easy to read/follow instructions.

I got these headphones to replace my wireless around the ear Beats headphones when I run outside so I could still listen to music but still be aware of my surroundings and they did the trick beautifully. I can still get high quality and high volume audio while I'm on my run but be able to hear if other people, bikes or, most importantly, cars are coming which helps give me the invaluable gift of peace of mind... especially as the days get darker earlier.

If I had one knock on them, it's their proprietary charging cable. I'm all for ubiquity when it comes to my cables and I don't like the thought of having yet another charging cable to store in our junk drawer but that minor annoyance is well worth the quality and safety I get from having these available for the times I need to be able to hear what's around me while still listening to music/podcasts.

Overall I am very happy with the product and would highly recommend them.

Oren J Weil

November 6, 2022

Quality product and well built

So, it's hard to write this review without directly comparing these to another very name brand, but I'll do my best to not mention the brand.

First off, these things are great. In comparison to the brand I'm not mentioning, the sound quality is up to par, if not just a little better. I think the bass on these may be just a tad stronger. The mic on this pair is also just a little better than the other brand, but when talking to people the comment was still that it sounded slightly muffled, but not as muffled as the other brand.

With the better quality and lower price point, if you want bone conduction headphones, get these.

Matthew L

November 4, 2022

Great sound, super comfortable!

These headphones have excellent sound quality and were easy to setup and use. I generally wear them to listen to music while working but use them during workouts as well. They are extremely comfortable and super compatible with my reading glasses which I habitually take off and on throughout the day. They have good battery life and are quick and easy to recharge. The bone conduction, open ear design allows me to maintain awareness of my surroundings and hear someone starting a conversation with me without them having to shout. They work exceptionally well with my phone and I look forward to using them on my next Zoom meeting. I am quite pleased with this set of headphones.


November 1, 2022

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