Cuffie a conduzione ossea Klatre LS1

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  • Comfort per le orecchie aperte
  • Qualità audio BoostBass1.0
  • Protezione dell'udito
  • Durata della batteria di 8 ore
  • Ricarica rapida di 1 ora
  • Resistente all'acqua e al sudore

BoostBass™1.0 Stereo Sound

Revolutionary breakthrough in headphones.

Klatre LS1 uses our independently developed bone conduction acoustic technology “BoostBass™1.0 Stereo Sound” and has obtained dozens of patent rights. It has excellent bass quality and more stereo depth. Therefore, it gives a layered and superior listening experience, bringing you a rich and full-range auditory feast.

IP55 Sweat and Water Resistant

No fear of bad weather and sweat.

IP55 means the rating of protection from dirt, dust, water, oil and other non-corrosive material. Professional-level isolation of water penetration makes Klatre L Series LS1 suitable for any occasion, including all sports scenarios. Don't worry about sweating or encountering a heavy downpour, exercise more hearty and free.

Relaxed and Comfy

Lightweight body, balanced experience without clogging your ears.

With the Open-Ear design, the headphones do not block the ears, so that the ear canals can be kept fresh even when sweating.
Besides, you don't need to worry about the earphones falling, shaking or shifting, because we have optimized weight distribution to make them more balanced.

Noise Cancelling for Calls

Ensure your call quality and privacy, protect your ears.

Klatre L Series LS1 is equipped with 2 microphones, one is stable for clear calls, the other is physically active noise cancellation. Furthermore, we use 2 vibrator units to eliminate echoes and adopt ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) environmental noise reduction technology, which can effectively suppress 90% of environmental noise, by up to 35dB or more, allowing gamers to communicate more freely.

Safe and Relieved

Enjoy natural sounds, offer a safer way of life.

The Open-Ear design can perceive external sounds in real time, helping you avoid unnoticed hearing blind spots, and ensure your safety to a greater extent. When you walk, run or ride bikes on the road with Klatre L Series LS1, you don't need to worry about not hearing the whistle of the car behind you.

2-year Warranty

You can trust the quality with the long warranty period. 

Klatre warrants your product against defects in materials and  workmanship when purchased directly from Klatre or a Klatre authorized reseller. 

We sincerely protect the rights of costomers and try our best to  provide excellent and reliable customers service.

Customer Reviews

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Andy P
Comparable to Shokz!

Considering the pricepoint, I have to say that these bone conduction earphones need to be spankin' good - which I'm surprised how it measures up!
First off: very sturdy and sleek design and material. It has a premium feel to them. Kind of the polished rubber feel.
Second: Super easy pairing with bluetooth. It even comes pre-charged for the most part so you can use it out of the box.
Third: Even though it advertises a superior bass-like feature - I have a hard time believing any bone conduction earpiece can compete with in-ear pieces. And like another tip that was mentioned - if you plug your ears you're ganna have a much more superior bass sound. Except then treble sounds a bit muffled. Cant have best of both worlds!!

- It oddly does come with two charging cables. How interesting!
- Another odd thing is if the bass is a bit high or the volume is a bit high, you'll feel the speaker/conduction piece bounce off your skin. Interesting!

Tried using a call function and it was crisp and easy to use. Other side also commented that it sounded perfectly normal.

I havent had this long enough to review if the battery life and durability is worth it. Will update if it doesnt keep a charge. For a higher pricepoint, I'm quite impressed of the quality.

Super comfortable bone conduction headphones

Bone conduction headphones are really useful if you want to wear headphones, but also be able to hear what's going on around you. They're also 'legal' at many races where standard headphones are not.

I've come to really appreciate this style of headphone in a few scenarios. The first is when I'm running in busy areas... In this case, I'm able to hear people say 'hello' to me (I live in the West Country and so this happens at least 20 times each morning!) and say 'hello' or 'good morning' back and also hear cars/bikes approaching from behind me during the short times I have to run on the road. The second is when I'm at home and know there's a possibility of the post arriving or my dogs barking at the neighbour's dogs! In this case, I can still enjoy my music whilst on the exercise bike, but if the doorbell goes or the dogs start barking I can hear them and jump off.

These particular headphones seem of really good quality. The body is made of this sort of soft and grippy rubber-like material. It's completely sweat resistant and very easy to clean. Most importantly though, it's really comfortable against the skin.

In addition to nice materials, I liked the shape of the headphones. I found them comfortable as I've said, but also the hooks over the ears are perfectly shaped and work with the flexible piece that goes around the back of the head to ensure a secure fit.

In terms of sound, the quality is very good. I would say that if you've not used bone conduction headphones before then you should manage your expectations. These headphones don't blast music directly into your ears and neither do they block out sounds from the environment with silicone earbuds. Therefore, the feeling is more like you are listening to fairly loud music from a high-quality speaker somewhere in the room. With this in mind, I found them as good as any others I've used. My music sounded good and was high enough volume for me to enjoy.

Overall, I'm really happy with these. They are easily the most comfortable bone conduction headphones I've used and they provide a good level of sound with impressive quality for what they are too.

Ethan F.
Fit well and keeps a solid seat on your jawbone

These headphones are comfortable and fit securely. They do require a special cable which I usually don’t like, but since it’s magnetic and they give you two, I’m okay with it.

I also own a pair of AfterShokz so here’s my comparison between the two:
- Klatre are priced quite a bit cheaper
- AfterShokz do get louder than the Klatre. However when the volume is at max on AfterShokz you have to use the ear plugs because the sound quality gets bad. Klatre’s quality is good at all volume levels without earplugs.
- Klatre has the magnetic charger and the AfterShokz I have has a finicky micro USB port.
- The Klatre seems to sit better on my jawbone. So when the headband moves around it doesn’t interrupt my music. My AfterShokz don’t sit as well and if I lean my head against something that pushes on the headband, it moves off my jawbone.
- Battery life is about the same.

Overall I would recommend the Klatre LS1 to anyone looking for bone conduction headphones. Based on the cost savings and fit, I would also recommend them over the AfterShokz I have.

Jason T
Comfortable with good sound

- Comfortable to wear.
- Good sound for bone conduction headphones.
- Magnetic Charging!
- TWO charging cables included!
- Waterproof.
- Can only connect to one device at a time.
- A case would have been nice.

Incredible immersive sound, unique design with many positives!

At around the £90 mark i was expecting good just not this good! These are incredible and i'm totally mesmerised how i can still hear the music loud and clear even with ear plugs in!? Mind boggling. Anyways talking of ear plugs YOU HAVE TO TRY THEM WITH!!!!!!! Without the sound was incredible but pop the included pair of foam ear plugs in your ears and listen out for the transformation, suddenly the pretty average standard bass becomes THUMPING with amazing depth and really enhances motivation for a workout!!!

So with that said, yes for me personally who loves deep bass and thumping beats wearing them with ear plugs is best for this. HOWEVER they still sound amazing without the ear plugs and there's a MASSIVE positive...... If you need to listen out, talk to someone and hear your surroundings these really outshine any typical in ear buds because there's no need to take them out! Without the ear plugs in so long as not too loud i can still hear what's going on in my surroundings and as someone with anxiety i find this a deal maker! As for the sound transmittance, other people can hear these headphones just slightly if i have them on loud in a quiet room.

These are incredibly comfortable and i actually find them more comfortable than in ear buds even whilst wearing the soft foam ear plugs.

I honestly don't think these can be beaten on quality to price ratio. They punch above their weight!