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Klatre is a newborn brand specialized in intelligent wearable devices and accessories from 2021. We aim high and look way beyond just providing high-quality products.

We strive to make thoughtful design scratches into real products that can actually improve our lifestyle. Through this journey, we overcome challenges and then rise strong. Thus, Klatre chose “to climb” as our slogan, and put it into practice.

BoostBass™1.0 Stereo Sound

Revolutionary breakthrough in headphones.

Klatre L Series LS1 uses our independently developed bone conduction acoustic technology “BoostBass™1.0 Stereo Sound” and has obtained tens of patent rights. It has excellent bass quality and more stereo depth. Therefore, it gives a layered and superior listening experience, bringing you a rich and full-range auditory feast.

IP55 Sweat Proof

No fear of bad weather and sweat.

IP55 means the rating of protection from dirt, dust, water, oil and other non-corrosive material. Professional-level isolation of water penetration makes Klatre L Series LS1 suitable for any occasion, including all sports scenarios. Don't worry about sweating or encountering a heavy downpour, exercise more hearty and free.

Relaxed and Comfy

Lightweight body, balanced experience without clogging your ears.

With the Open-Ear design, the headphones do not block the ears, so that the ear canals can be kept fresh even when sweating.
Besides, you don't need to worry about the earphones falling, shaking or shifting, because we have optimized weight distribution to
make them more balanced.

Noise Cancelling for Calls

Ensure your call quality and privacy, protect your ears.

Klatre L Series LS1 is equipped with 2 microphones, one is stable for clear calls, the other is physically active noise cancellation. Furthermore, we use 2 vibrator units to eliminate echoes and adopt ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) environmental noise reduction technology, which can effectively suppress 90% of environmental noise, by up to 35dB or more, allowing gamers to communicate more freely.

Safe and Relieved

Enjoy natural sounds, offer a safer way of life.

The Open-Ear design can perceive external sounds in real time, helping you avoid unnoticed hearing blind spots, and ensure your safety to a greater extent. When you walk, run or ride bikes on the road with Klatre L Series LS1, you don't need to worry about not hearing the whistle of the car behind you.

2-year Warranty

You can trust the quality with the long warranty period. 

Klatre warrants your product against defects in materials and  workmanship when purchased directly from Klatre or a Klatre authorized reseller. 

We sincerely protect the rights of costomers and try our best to  provide excellent and reliable customers service.

So please don't hesitate to order now, you will enjoy the greatest discounts during the pre-sale period.