Every Purchase Plants A Seed

Every Purchase Plants A Seed - Klatre Innovation
Last week, our team hiked along the mountain trails and was disappointed to find that some parts were damaged and covered in garbage. It's always heartbreaking to witness outdoor activities that can harm the environment.
At our core, we love and care about the outdoors just like our customers do, so we decided to take action and leave greener footprints by planting trees. And we take this seriously.

Our current goal is to plant 5000 trees by the end of this June through partnerships with tree-planting non-profit organizations and the practice of "Every purchase plants a seed", and we need your support to make it happen.
Wanna help? Here are more details on why and how we are committed to this cause.

How does your purchase make a difference?

You buy a product, and we plant a tree under your name. Simple like that.
So basically, for every purchase from us, we donate a portion to our environmental organization partners.
As a result, a tree will be planted under your name in a location that is in need of reforestation.

Why does planting trees matter?

Planting a tree is a simple yet effective way to combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas.
Just like e-bikers choose cycling to reduce harmful emissions, we're committed to planting trees as the most impactful way for us to make a commitment towards this cause.

Every small action can make a big difference.

If we successfully achieve this goal of planting 5000 trees by the end of this June, we will broaden our perspective and undertake new social responsibility projects as new "seeds", in addition to our tree-planting endeavors.
Your actions can make a significant difference, whether it's spreading the word, making a purchase for yourself or a loved one, or sharing your thoughts and comments with us.

The best time to act is NOW!

Join us in our unwavering commitment to the environment by supporting our goal of planting 5000 trees. Spread the word far and wide to everyone you know, and together let's pave the way toward a greener future.
We sincerely appreciate your support and your love for our beautiful planet.
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