Why prefer Bone Conduction Headphones when exercising?

Why prefer Bone Conduction Headphones when exercising? - Klatre Innovation

Whether you're cycling, running, or walking, listening to music is much more fun while exercising. However, traditional headphones are not the best choice for exercising because you can't hear anything except the music. This is where Bone Conduction Headphones come up with their own magical power and give relief to athletes.

These are typically a new breed of wireless headphones which offer an open-ear listening experience. The headphones don't go over or in your ears as they rest on your cheekbones and the ear canal is left unblocked so the eardrum is not affected by sound waves. That said, it is a revolutionary way of music listening that lets you observe ambient sounds around you without impacting the sound quality or obstructing your ear canals.

Enhanced situational awareness

It's amazing to immerse yourself in a new playlist or exciting audiobook while cycling, running, or even strolling, but doing so raises your risk of getting into an accident.
With bone conduction headphones, you can keep in touch with your working environment and hear your coworkers even while listening to your favorite music, hear another jogger or cyclist coming up behind you, and hear incoming traffic. Even though you are listening to your own private sound, you are still aware of your surroundings.
You can tune up to the background sounds of your surroundings, such as the rushing breeze, the waves on the shore, birds chattering, and if you're out with the crew, conversation with your friends. Just a soothing moment to get involved in the crowd.

Better comfortability and snug fit

It's no surprise, getting headphones that are the perfect fit is challenging. You'll probably face some of these troubles unless you have fortunately shaped ears for your headphones.
Regards, if you pick bone conduction headphones, you no longer need to search for any heavy headphones, suffer from aching ear canals, or have sweaty earbuds that slip out. Lightweight wireless bone conduction headphones are incredibly comfortable and beneficial for a hassle-free workout. If you go with bike training, you will never be irritated with an aching ear or sweaty ear. Your ears and ear canals won't be at all affected because they stay on your cheekbones, sparing you from all of that discomfort.
In addition, as the headphones come up to fit snugly against your face, they will stay in place while you go around and you won't be interrupted while getting excellent bike training, doing your chores, exercising, or anything else.

Safety for your eardrums

With unique tech, headphones like Klatre LS1 are more awesome in sound performance than other bone-conduction headphones, bringing you a better listening feast.
Bone conduction headphones can offer more protection compared to traditional earbuds that sit in your ear canal. However, whether you’re wearing traditional or bone-conduction headphones the most important way to protect your ears is not to play music at high volume.
Even if you don’t cycle or ride scooters, LS1 bone conduction headphones are brilliant for walking, running, and hiking too.

No more ear-wax

You likely don't want to know how awful your current headphones are! Factually, the small frames of earbuds can contain a lot of unseen dirt and bacteria. It might be damaging to let these bacteria-filled devices in your ears because it can result in allergic reactions, and even ear infections.
Earbuds not only cause ear infections but also grow ear wax build-up. Ear wax is good for ears, but earbuds might trap wax inside your ears and negatively impact your hearing.
That said, use bone conduction headphones that don't enter any part of the device your ears and prevent ear infections and unsightly ear wax build-up. Your ears will remain more hygienic and sterile thanks to these unique techs.

Easy wireless connection

As you are annoyed with taking much time to untangle your tangled headphone cords, bone conduction headphones are an excellent option as they are totally wireless techs.
The Klatre headphones offer roughly 8H of playtime and dual ENC Mics, and the 5.2 Bluetooth feature can minimize background noise by up to 70% while allowing you to enjoy music or take clear phone calls even in noisy conditions with up to 60 DB. You just need to set them atop your head to get moving and no plugin is required anymore.
When you are in bike training, wireless bone conduction headphones encourage you to maintain the training for a bit more time as you hear music and have fun.

Excellent water resistant feature

Unlike traditional headphones and earbuds, Klatre LS1 bone conduction headphones have an IP55 level. No amount of sweat makes your ear canals slick asthese completely prevent sweat or splash.
They could go with your intense workout or long day bike training while you do hard work and get some relaxation on music. Even you can rest assured as you know you sweat more but your bone conduction headphones prevent sweats, so they could rarely get damaged.

Long lasting battery life

When it comes to battery capacity, the battery life of the bone conduction headphones is quite long and can support up to 8 hours of listening period as LS1 Klatre has a battery capacity of 150 mAh. With this large battery capacity, you don't need to worry about charging every other day while you may still cover your full trip with a single charge. Besides that, these usually offer lithium polymer batteries and only require a one-hour quick charge.

Long story short, everyone has different preferences and life experiences. Some adore bone conduction headphones and others like to keep the traditional ones. No matter which stuff you choose, protecting your hearing is crucial!

In regards to both traditional and bone conduction headphones, make sure to keep away from extended exposure at high volumes if you want to have clear ears in the long run. And, once you've tried bone conduction headphones, you might never go back to traditional ones!

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